David James Elliott has been tapped to star in Impact, a four-hour disaster miniseries from Muse Entertainment, Jaffe/Braunstein Entertainment and Tandem Communications.

Budgeted at $13 million, the effects-heavy Impact chronicles the aftermath of a meteor shower during which a piece of a dwarf star lodges itself in the moon. That triggers a series of anomalies on Earth, including cell phone service interruption, exaggerated tides and the occurrence of sporadic weightlessness, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Astrophysicist Alex Kinter (Elliott), with a help of a female astronomer, discover that the moon has been dislodged from its orbit and is on a collision course with Earth.

Michael Vickerman (Superfire) penned the script for the mini, which is being exec produced by Michael Prupas, Howard Braunstein, Rola Bauer and Jonas Bauer.

Filming is slated to begin this month in Victoria, B.C