Accoring to Variety, DreamWorks has paid about $2 million for Ghost Town, a pitch for a romantic comedy to be directed by David Koepp.

Koepp and John Kamps will pen the script for the DreamWorks and Universal co-production. DreamWorks will have domestic rights and steer the project creatively. Universal will handle international rights.

Koepp, who just scripted War of the Worlds, pitched the project directly to DreamWorks principal Steven Spielberg. DreamWorks exec Adam Goodman made the deal shortly after.

Spielberg invited Universal to take part in the project because execs they were chasing it, too.

Purchase price is unusual for a pitch, but Koepp, whose scripted hits include Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible and Spider-Man, is one of the highest paid screenwriters in Hollywood.

Since Spielberg and Tom Cruise have wrapped War of the Worlds, Koepp and Kamps will begin writing immediately. Final deals are being worked out on Ghost Town, including one for Gavin Polone to produce.

Polone produced Koepp's last directing effort, the Johnny Depp starrer "Secret Window."

Koepp and Kamps previously collaborated on Jumanji sequel Zathura.