David Lynch's daily weather reports are just what the world needs right now. Lynch quietly started posting videos back in May, which include everything from the weather to him building furniture and talking about the world. All of the videos are short and to the point, though it seems there might be something else going on underneath the surface of his daily weather reports. Viewers have started to notice the oddly painted jar as of late, which Lynch has yet to explain, though he first teased it on a recent episode of What is David Working on Today?

David Lynch started working on the daily weather reports after the public health issues started to spread around the world. His long-time producer, Sabrina S. Sutherland, manages the YouTube channel, which has been in the making for some time now. "We started talking about a YouTube channel right after Twin Peaks (2018)," Sutherland recalls. However it was not until the "beautiful" isolation of the current world health situation that "gave [us] an opportunity," she says.

Before this whole situation took off, David Lynch "would not want to schedule meetings before 11 in the morning-maybe even noon." He notes, "Now, like this morning, I got up at 3:30, way before the birds... YouTube-it connects you with the world in a way," he explains. "You get inspiration and ideas, and away you go." Lynch delivers the weather from his home in Los Angeles and starts off every morning by saying, "good morning," before giving us the weather in Fahrenheit and Celsius. In LA, it's normally cloudy in the morning, which later gives way to sunshine. He then reminds everybody to have a great day. Over 150,000 people are currently subscribed to Lynch's channel.

The daily videos offer comfort to a lot of people, who may need to hear that everything isn't all bad at the moment. As for his inner peace, David Lynch attributes that to Transcendental Meditation. "Peace-real peace-is not just the absence of war, but the absence of negativity," he says. "In real peace, all diversity is appreciated fully. It's called the 'Unified Field' by physicists. It brings everything together. You still have all the differences, but they're appreciated by everyone." The country as a whole is pretty divided at the moment over several different issues, but one of them is the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

David Lynch believes that if people like Donald Trump would "get on the program," aka Transcendental Meditation, the country might finally start "getting happy, start losing all this stress and negativity that causes so much f***ing problems in this world." Lynch knows that people have started to lose that connection to each other, but he believes that it can still occur again, "to every single person: atheists, agnostics, whatever!" As to whether or not more people will get in on Transcendental Meditation, that is unclear, but people like Lynch, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, radio personality Howard Stern, and many others have been singing its praises for decades now. The interview with David Lynch and Sabrina S. Sutherland was originally conducted by The Daily Beast. You can check out some weather reports above.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick