The Fighter director David O. Russell caught up with The Playlist at the ACE Eddie Awards where he talked about some new projects, including Cocaine Cowboys starring Mark Wahlberg, and also gave an update on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, which might not be the director's next project:

"I'm working on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [starring Mark Wahlberg] right now," David O. Russell said. "I'm really digging it, I think the story's coming together in a really intense cool way, and I also have a project with the Weinsteins called The Silver Linings Playbook and I might also work on something at Universal called Two Guns so those are the things I'm looking at right now, I might also do something called Cocaine Cowboys with Mark Wahlberg so there's lots of things we're looking at."
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Based on Billy Corben's 2006 documentary of the same name, Cocaine Cowboys centers on notorious '70s drug dealer Jon Roberts who moved from New York, where he was involved in gangland takeovers of the city's nightclubs, to Miami where he was set up with a powerful drug cartel.

No production date has been set.