BN Films announced today that David Oyelowo and Kate Mara would be boarding the thriller Captive. Leonor Varela and Mimi Rogers will be rounding out this ensemble. Captive is written by Brian Bird and Reinhard Denke, based on Ashley Smith

's bestselling book bold|An Unlikely Angel. Alex Garcia, Lucas Akoskin, Terry Botwick, David Oyelowo, and Ken Wales will produce along with Katrina Wolfe, Jonathan Gray, Ralph Winter, Elliott Lester, and Brian Bird who are set as executive producers. The film is set to begin principal photography later this month.

The movie will be directed by Jerry Jameson (Safe Harbor, Raise the Titanic) and is being produced in association with Brightside Entertainment, 1019 Entertainment and Oyelowo's Yoruba Saxon Productions. This will also mark BN's second venture with Oyelowo, who starred in Nightingale, set for a festival run next year.

Captive is a thriller based on true events that occurred in Atlanta, Ga., on March 11, 2005. Brian Nichols (Oyelowo) breaks out of the courthouse jail and shoots dead the judge assigned to his case as well as a court reporter, sheriff's deputy, and FBI officer. While eluding a statewide manhunt, Nichols takes Ashley Smith (Mara), a single mother struggling with meth addiction, hostage in her own apartment. Over the course of her harrowing ordeal, Smith desperately uses a book she has been given, Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life, to reason with her captor -- with surprising and unforeseen results.

BN Films is an international production company based in Santa Monica, Ca., and Mexico City. The company was launched by Alex Garcia and Lucas Akoskin in December 2012 and offers a slate of films in all languages, aimed at both the domestic U.S. and international markets. BN has over twenty-three feature projects in the pipeline, including Jonás Cuarón's Desierto, Nightingale, Automatic Hate, Words with Gods -- the first installment in BN's groundbreaking Heartbeat of the World series; and The Jesuit, written by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Auto-Focus), with a cast that includes Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Arbitrage).