Snakes on a Plane: According to The Hollywood Reporter, David R. Ellis is taking the helm of New Line Cinema's Snakes on a Plane after Ronny Yu stepped down.

"Snakes" centers on a ruthless assassin who unleashes a crate full of lethal snakes aboard a packed passenger jet over the Pacific Ocean in order to eliminate a witness in protective custody. The rookie pilot and frightened passengers must band together to survive.

John Heffernan and David Loucka wrote the script, and Don Granger is producing. Yu stepped down because of budget and creative differences.

"Snakes" will mark Ellis' third film for the studio after Cellular and last year's Final Destination 2. Directing is a fairly new occupation for Ellis, who has had a long, successful career as a stunt coordinator and second unit director (The Matrix Reloaded, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone).