David S. Goyer, the screenwriter behind Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, has signed a three-year first look producing deal with Warner Bros. to develop new projects. The first of which is an untitled sci-fi project written by Doug Jung (Confidence).

While no plot details were given, it is said to be a Hitchcockian thriller with a grounded sci-fi element. Here's what David S. Goyer had to say about the project and his deal at the studio.

"Aside from me helping the studio break story on some of their properties and them supporting me as a director, we want to find other projects in an area I could call elevated genre, and this first project falls neatly into the category. I've found TV to be a more collaborative medium for writers than film, and there is a ton of terrific writers working in network TV and basic cable right now. Part of the intent of this deal is to tap that stable of writers and bring them into the feature world as well."

The writer-producer also said he wasn't seeking a deal with Warner Bros., but when the studio offered, he agreed to sign on.

"I was perfectly happy not having a deal, and just financed the overhead myself. Warner Bros graciously offered me a deal and they've provided the lion's share of my employment over the last decade, so what the hell?"

David S. Goyer is currently working on the screenplay for Batman Vs. Superman, which Zack Snyder is directing for Warner Bros. When asked about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, the screenwriter had this to say.

"He'll do the role proud."

Aside from his growing feature slate, David S. Goyer created the Starz series Da Vinci's Demons, which returns for its second season next year.