According to Variety, David Slade is directing Columbia Pictures' adaptation of Steve Niles' comicbook series "30 Days of Night" for Ghost House Pictures. Ghost House is a genre label founded by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert and jointly owned by Mandate Pictures.

Col will handle North American distribution of the film as well as a few international territories. Mandate will take the remaining international rights.

The story is set in Barrow, Alaska, a town where, in the middle of winter, the sun sets and does not rise again for more than 30 days. When an evil force terrifies the town's residents, all hopes are pinned on the local sheriffs -- a husband-and-wife team who must choose between saving themselves and helping the town survive the siege, which will last until daylight returns.

No screenwriter has yet been hired.

Raimi and Tapert are producing, with Grant Curtis overseeing the project for Ghost House. Mike Richardson is exec producing with Mandate's Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane. Shannon Gaulding and Adam Milano oversee for Col.