Director David Slade, who we just reported last week is attached to direct 20th Century Fox's Daredevil Reboot, wanted to give an update to clear up any rumors about the Daredevil Reboot, as well as Deadpool and The Wolverine, via his Twitter page. Here is what he had to say:

"So without breaking confidentiality, yes Daredevil, we have a great outline for a very strong character driven take on Mr. Matt Murdock. It will bare no relation to the previous Daredevil movie in any way. We are at early planning stages and have not yet discussed any cast. RELATED: Marvel Studios Has 31 MCU Projects in Development Right Now

Love Deadpool, was never engaged in the (quite fantastic) script, last I heard studio was looking at comedy directors. None of my business.

The Last Voyage of Demeter, Noomi Rapace and Ben Kingsley want to do it, so do I.

The Wolverine, there have been no discussions about this project to date. Interesting to see what will happen with that as the again excellent script by Chris McQuarrie was set largely in Japan."