Hunting Lane Films has acquired Ed Brubaker's graphic novel Coward for a adaptation, which David Slade has signed on to direct.

Ed Brubaker is adapting his own graphic novel, which centers on Leo, a master thief who can plan and execute any heist known to man, even though his world is populated with dirty cops, hustlers, and low-lifes. Coward, which won the Eisner award for best new series in 2007, is the first in a planned six-part series. Ed Brubaker is currently working on a sequel to Coward, which Hunting Lane Films also acquired the rights to.

Jamie Patricof will produce for Hunting Lane Films. Here's what David Slade had to say about the story.

"Coward was just a great modern story. It harkens back to an era of crime stories where there's really a gritty reality to it, but there's a kind of underworld haze of noir. It's not like we have to reinvent the material, to figure it out, because it already works."

Ed Brubaker also made an interesting comment that Ryan Gosling would have been a perfect choice to play Leo, if he didn't already star in Drive.

"If Ryan Gosling hadn't already been in Drive, he'd be perfect (for the role of Leo). It's a good role for any actor; about a guy who's afraid to do things because of what's inside of him. It's a heist story, partly -- it's a lot of different crime stories wrapped in one, but heist stories are always exciting if they're pulled off correctly."

No production schedule was given for Coward.