It was recently announced that David Twohy is ramping up many new projects which include a sequel to The Italian Job, tentatively called The Brazilian Job, a sci-fi flick called The Break, and actioneer entitled The Would-Be Warrior, and possible remake talks of Stalag 17 and Cool Hand Luke.

Recently, on Twohy's official website, the writer/director talked about these upcoming projects, and even gave his readers a sneak peek into some of the art from The Would-Be Warrior.

I've got three new projects to tell you about, all of which came knocking about the same time, and I liked them all so much I just couldn't say no.

THE BREAK is a science-fiction adventure set on Earth in the immediate future - as in "10 weeks from now." The producer, Doug Wick (GLADIATOR) is a big fan of the classic escape films of the '50s and '60s, movies like STALAG 17, THE GREAT ESCAPE, COOL HAND LUKE. Doug felt the time was right to re-introduce the genre to a new audience, and he sparked to the idea of using aliens as "the new Germans."

I'm 100 pages into the script, and it's shaping up as a really strong piece. I'll do a couple drafts, then help Columbia find the right director. (No, I don't want to direct sci-fi right after RIDDICK.) But I'll tell you right now...

This one's gonna be wicked good. THE BREAK will be produced for Columbia by Red Wagon Productions.

And then there are the two Paramount movies...

I'm also hard at work writing THE BRAZILIAN JOB. In case you think that sounds a little too close to THE ITALIAN JOB, rest easy: BRAZILIAN JOB is the sequel. I liked THE ITALIAN JOB a lot (talking about the 2003 remake), thought F. Gary Gray brought style and energy to what could've been a formulaic exercise in film redux.

We're expecting all the original heisters to return - well, at least I'm putting them all in the script. One of the tricks with sequels is to find a new dynamic for the characters so they aren't replaying the same scenes only in new the filmmakers aren't remaking a remake. As a writer, you have to remember that the characters weren't waiting around in pickle jar until the day you decided to spill them out; they were busy living in your absence: They were growing, trying, failing, winning, losing, moving on.

And oh, yeah: You gotta have some really fine twists and turns if you're doing a heist movie. Being an -ophile of films like RAFFIFI, TOPKAPKI (also by Jules Dassin but not as credible as RAFIFI), HOW TO STEAL A MILLION (a good rom-com, too, and Audrey Hepburn in her absolute most belle-époque moment), GAMBIT, and THIEF, I've got some good working paradigms in my head.

Donald DeLine and John Goldwyn will produce for Paramount. Actors' schedules are always tricky, but with any luck this project should be filming in Spring of 2006.

And the last tidbit on this project? I'm writing a role for Bill Gates. Yeah. That Bill Gates.

And finally there's THE WOULD-BE WARRIOR. This is an original script of mine that Paramount and Nickleodeon just picked up. It's a fantasy adventure in the JUMANJI vein, involving a modern 15-year-old boy who finds himself caught in a centuries-old feud between Norse gods. Good crazy-ass fun.

I'll direct WOULD-BE WARRIOR myself, since it's near and dear. Julia Pistor (LEMONEY SNICKET) of Nicklelodeon will produce for Paramount, and Camille Brown will Associate Produce. I expect to be in pre-production just as soon as I finish up with the writing gigs, probably in early 2006.

I've even included a couple pieces of key art for your enjoyment.

Movie Picture
Movie Picture