Van Helsing: While making the rounds for Return Of The King, David Wenham, who plays 'Faramir' in the film, spoke briefly about his character in the upcoming Hugh Jackman monster flick, Van Helsing...

David Wenham, who plays Carl in the upcoming supernatural film Van Helsing, told SCI FI Wire that his character is a weapons maker for the titular hero, played by Hugh Jackman. "Carl ... is a monk who invents extraordinary weapons," Wenham said in an interview. "He's sort of like a very period Q [from the James Bond films]."

In the film, Carl gets a chance to leave his chambers and pursue adventure with Van Helsing, who is on a mission to hunt down vampires and other monsters. "He's somebody who's spent his whole entire life deep underground in this monastery, but for this particular time, he's told by his superiors to go off with Van Helsing on this mission to hunt down Dracula," Wenham said.

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.