The Russo Brothers recently held a Q&A event where they revealed that they are not interested in taking on any DC characters and bringing them to the big screen. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty much an unstoppable force at this point in time, thanks to creative storytelling and the heavy collaboration between directors. The DCEU on the other hand, is still quite successful, but they haven't been able to fully capitalize on the potential of their superheroes recently. And now, the Russo Brothers have explained why they won't be taking on a DC movie any time soon.

Joe and Anthony Russo were asked by a fan if they have ever considered making the jump over to DC to take some of their characters to the big screen. Anthony Russo responded by stating that he and his brother had always been bigger fans of Marvel Comics and even admitted that his brother Joe still has a bunch of the old comic books stored away in a closet. This answer was very diplomatic and makes perfect sense to fans of both DC and Marvel.

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However, Joe Russo was a bit more blunt with his answer. He claimed that the DC characters are far too powerful to be interesting and were not relatable. This may cause a stir with DC fans, but it is just an opinion. All comic book fans have their reasoning for preferring one set of superheroes over the other. As for the reasoning behind liking Marvel better, Joe Russo added that they grew up in Cleveland during a time when the city was bankrupt and stated that they always felt a connection the underdog characters of Marvel Comics.

While the Russo Brothers aren't going to be making a DC movie any time soon, they both admitted that Batman is the most interesting of the DC characters, which many fans would agree with. Matt Reeves is currently working on The Batman, looking to launch a new standalone Batman franchise that can standup next to the work of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan, which is a pretty intense job. The Russo Brothers taking on the Batman franchise would be pretty interesting to see, but that will more than likely never happen.

Marvel and DC fans don't often see eye to eye on a lot, but there are some fans that love each one equally and are just happy to be seeing comic book movies on the big screen that are bigger and better than ever before. DC has a lot of projections that are currently in development that are sure to be huge as does the MCU. Both Marvel and DC are about to see some giant shifts in terms of new and different characters taking the lead on the big screen, so it will be interesting to see how everything works out.