Just one day after Fox held their New York premiere for the upcoming series Gotham, which debuts on Monday, September 22, the network has issued a put pilot commitment for another DC adaptation, Lucifer.

Californication creator Tom Kapinos is writing the pilot script, based on the Lucifer character who has appeared in Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics and has also had its own comic spin-off. The story follows the title character, who has grown bored from reigning as the Lord of Hell. He decides to abandon his post and head to Los Angeles, where he opens a piano bar dubbed Lux. The comic book character is inspired by John Milton's Paradise Lost. Mike Carey created the DC/Vertigo spin-off, which ran for 75 issues between 2000 and 2006.

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A put pilot commitment almost guarantees that Fox will issue a series order, since the network will have to pay a significant penalty if the pilot episode doesn't air. Warner Bros. Television, which is behind all of the DC Comics adaptations, will produce alongside Tom Kapinos' company Aggressive Media.

If Lucifer does make it to the small screen, it will join a sizeable group of DC Comics titles spread throughout a number of different networks, including Fox's Gotham, NBC's Constantine and The CW's Arrow and The Flash. DC is also developing a Supergirl series and a live-action Teen Titans show, which is nearing a pilot green light at TNT.