The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists believe that the threat of nuclear war is very much a real problem right now, so they moved the Doomsday Clock up 30 seconds today, which led to DC Comics having a bit of harmless fun with their comic book, Doomsday Clock. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved the Doomsday Clock up two minutes closer to midnight when Donald Trump took office and today marks another half-minute due to increased tensions from around the world. This prompted DC to strike at the perfect time and promote Doomsday Clock Number 3.

The DC social media team decided to have a little bit of lighthearted fun with their tweet that simply said, "Take your mind off the real DoomsdayClock with Doomsday Clock Number 3, out now." The tweet concluded with a link of where to purchase the comic book, no big deal. However, it was a big deal to some who found the tweet to be insensitive, which led to DC Comics deleting the tweet entirely and later releasing an apology.

The threat of nuclear war is obviously a big deal, but DC Comics was just having a bit of fun and didn't mean any harm. They shouldn't have to apologize at all, but enough people were offended by the tweet to cause the comic giant to issue an apology. The apology reads.

"Sincere apologies for this morning's tweet, it was not meant to offend or minimize the seriousness of today's events."

Anybody that follows DC Comics on Twitter should have a little bit of a sense of humor and should at least find a little bit of humor in the Doomsday Clock day being a perfect time to promote your comic series of the same name. In case you were wondering, Doomsday Clock Number 3 is still available, they're not going to discontinue the comic because a few people were offended.

The Doomsday Clock, the real-life one, was moved up today because the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists believe that the Trump administration, as well as other world leader's failure to see the looming effects of climate change and not taking threats of nuclear war seriously, will bring the world to an end very soon. This is the closest that the world has been to nuclear war since 1953, during the Cold War according to the Bulletin. The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 and it was originally set at seven minutes to midnight. We're currently at two minutes to midnight.

Since we're all so close to "midnight," it might be the best time to curl up and read DC Comics' latest issue of Doomsday Clock Number 3. Or at the very least, go run around outside while we still can without having to wear protective suits. You can check out the original deleted tweet from DC Comics as well as the new apology below, courtesy of DC Comics' Twitter account.

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