When DC's Legends of Tomorrow trailer debuted a few weeks back, no one was expected it to be as epic as it was. The show promises to be a lot of fun, and holds action on a scale that is in-line with even some of the bigger superhero movies including Avengers: Age of Ultron. With an ensemble cast that includes heroes and villains from both The CW series Arrow and The Flash, you just know this is going to something special. In a recent interview, star Caity Lotz, who returns from the Lazarus Pit as White Canary, had this to say about the grand nature of her new series and the Canary's return:

"It's going to be big. I did not really know much about the show [initially] but I said 'I want to do it, I trust you guys.'  And when we were shooting our teaser, they were telling me some of the stuff that's going to be happening and I was like 'This is way cooler - not that I didn't think it would be cool...but the stuff [happening],  I wasn't imagining or picturing [that].  It's going to be really fun to shoot and I think people are going to like it."
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It isn't known quite yet how White Canary will differ from the Canary fans saw in Arrow Season 1 and Arrow Season 2. Caity Lotz does say that White Canary will still be a martial arts master. This time out, we'll see the DC superhero fighting with escrima sticks instead of her traditional bō staff.

White Canary was created by Gail Simone and Ed Benes and introduced in the 2010 DC comic book Birds of Prey. Little has ever been revealed about her backstory, though it is known that she is the lone sister of the Twelve Brothers in Silk. It isn't known how much of the comic book lore will be used for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and it seems the show has quite a bit of creative freedom without alienating fans. You can take a look at Caity Lotz's video interview here: