Last week, a report surfaced that revealed The CW's upcoming superhero series DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be bringing in iconic DC Comics character Jonah Hex into the series. At the time, the character had not yet been cast but today Variety reports that actor Johnathon Schaech has signed on to portray this character. Here's an official description of Jonah Hex on the new series.

"A true legend of the Old West, a morally ambiguous gunslinger with a penchant for danger. Surprisingly, he knows a thing or two about time travel and the future, but is at home in the Wild West. He's been battling outlaws and gangs for a while now, and advises the team to be extra careful when they arrive in the small town of Salvation."
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Last week, it was reported that Jonah Hex will make his debut in the 11th episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, with the potential for a recurring role later on in the first season, or in Season 2, if the show is renewed by The CW. Last week, executive producer Marc Guggenheim said that, once they knew this series would revolve around time travel, they knew he had to be included. The series debuts in just two short days on Thursday, January 21 at 8 PM ET.

Jonah Hex was created by writer John Albano and artist Tony Dezuniga, who made his DC Comics debut in the 1972 issue All-Star Western #10. The character got his first full comic series in 1977. In the comics, Jonah Hex never had any super-human abilities, but he did have uncanny skills as a marksman, despite being blind in his right eye. During story lines when he was transported to the future, he became an expert at driving a number of different vehicles in the 21st Century.

This will be the first time that Jonah Hex will be featured on the small screen. Josh Brolin portrayed the title character in the 2010 adaptation Jonah Hex, which bombed at the box office during its theatrical run, and Thomas Jane lent his voice to the character in a 2010 animated short film DC Showcase: Jonah Hex. Johnathon Schaech portrayed Sean Walker on Showtime's Ray Donovan, and he most recently played Colonel Sherman in last year's miniseries Texas Rising. Do you think he's a good choice to play Jonah Hex in DC's Legends of Tomorrow?