The CW's latest superhero series DC's Legends of Tomorrow continues tonight with its second episode, following its premiere episode last week that was the network's highest-watched Thursday show in over three years. While we just have a few hours left to see what tonight's episode has in store for us, Entertainment Weekly has some huge news, revealing that Arrow star Stephen Amell will guest star in an unspecified episode as an old Oliver Queen. Here's what executive producer Marc Guggenheim had to say in a statement, where he reveals this episode will also introduce Connor Hawke.

"Every once and a while, we do an episode where the 10-year-old me has to pinch himself. We're not only introducing our version of Connor Hawke to our universe, we're going to meet the 2046 version of Oliver Queen, and Stephen Amell is going to be reprising his role from Arrow. As an added bonus to comic-book fans, Oliver is missing his left arm and will be sporting a goatee, in a nod to the character's appearance in the seminal Dark Knight Returns. We think this episode features some of the coolest things we've ever done."
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Back in October, we reported that Connor Hawke will be introduced in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. In the comics, Connor is the son of Oliver Queen, but the October report claimed that this version of Connor won't be Oliver's son. Since both Connor and Oliver will be appearing in, presumably, the same episodes, it's possible that they may be father and son in the TV universe after all. Connor Hawke hasn't been cast yet, and it hasn't been specified what episode Oliver and Connor will appear in.

It has also been confirmed that Arrow villain Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and Ra's al Ghul (Matthew Nable) will be appearing on the series, along with The Flash's Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes). The site also claims there is a "very strong chance" that either a younger or older version of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) may surface on the series as well. Since the series is just getting started, don't be surprised to hear about more Arrow and The Flash stars coming aboard.

Tonight's episode, dubbed Pilot Part 2, which will air on Thursday, January 28, will center on this team of "legends," who, after being tipped off to Vandal Savage's (guest star Casper Crump) whereabouts, infiltrates a munitions deal with Professor Stein as their leader. Surrounded by some of the toughest criminals in the world, things quickly go from bad to worse when Savage realizes they don't belong there. A massive fight ensues and a piece of the Atom's suit falls off and into the wrong hands, which could potentially cause disastrous consequences in the future.

Stein realizes the best way to retrieve the missing piece is to contact a brilliant man - his younger self. He, Sara and Jax head off in search of young Martin Stein (guest star Graeme McComb), much to Rip's consternation. Meanwhile, Snart and Rory plan to steal a key element in defeating Savage but still unsure of his new teammates, Ray demands to come along on the mission, while Carter helps Kendra remember something vital. Are you looking forward to Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke popping up on DC's Legends of Tomorrow?