Back in September, Warner Bros. was reportedly working on a Legion of Superheros movie, with the studio trying to make their own DC Comics outer space adventure, in the wake of Marvel's success with Guardians of the Galaxy. Today, Bleeding Cool reports that the project is being "pushed through" the Warner Bros.' pipeline, with an "Avengers-Meets-Guardians" tag.

The story will reportedly be set in the distant future, with a "massive cast of superheroes spread out across the galaxy." Warner Bros. is also aiming for a lighter tone than all of their other DC Comics movies with this adaptation. No screenwriter or director has been attached at this time, and the studio has yet to give the project a green light yet, but it is said to be, "in serious development."

In the DC Comics, Legion of Superheros was set in the 30th Century, following a team of super-powered young adults. The group was created by Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, and was funded by billionaire R.J. Brande, whose life the heroes once saved. Cosmic Boy has the ability to manipulate metal objects with his super-magnetism, while Saturn Girl can summon people from anywhere in the world, along with the ability to control the weak-minded. Lightning Lad can shoot bolts of lightning from his body. There have been several other versions of the team throughout the years in the comic books, but it isn't known which version will be used for this big-screen adaptation.