The LEGO Batman Movie was one of the most highly anticipated films of 2017. And it more than delivered, which is something that Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad can't really say. Sure, those films made gobs of money, but The The LEGO Batman Movie was no slouch and has thus far has a made a quarter of a billion dollars. Not bad for a kid's movie made for a mere $80 million, right?

Now, before you start to dismiss The LEGO Batman Movie as a kid's movie and not really part of the Batman, Dark Knight storyline, know that you are somewhat right. However, somehow, using animated LEGOs, this film managed to imbue more heart and soul on the screen than the aforementioned DC Films. That is pretty darn impressive.

So if you can get past the idea that The LEGO Batman Movie isn't a kid's film, then you begin to see ways that DC Entertainment can actually use this film as a template to make better movies. Make no mistake, the movies they have made certainly aren't terrible. One just gets the feeling that they could've been better. And the fact that they made The LEGO Batman Movie only bares this point out.

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The LEGO Batman Movie comes to us at a crucial time. There was a recent shake-up around the live action, stand alone Batman film. Ben Affleck, who plays the caped crusader, recently stepped back from directing that movie and will now only star. Apparently, this will also be his last time donning the suit for that role. (The director's chair will now be filled by Matt Reeves).

So, even though the script has been turned in, there still seems to be some wiggle room to add some changes. Those changes are none other than these seven things DC Entertainment can pull from LEGO Batman Movie. You might agree with them or you might not. However, if Matt Reeves liked The LEGO Batman Movie, you might very well see some or all of these in future DC Entertainment films.

Lighten up.

Lego Batman Movie Humor

The LEGO Batman Movie has a lot of fun with the mythos of Batman. It lampoons the very idea of the Dark Knight character. The film pokes fun at just about every iteration of Batman that has ever existed. However, that doesn't in any way detract from who the Batman character is. If DC Entertainment can bring this kind of levity to the standalone Batman movie, Justice League or Suicide Squad, it will do a lot to ingratiate itself to audiences that may have written off the current crop of films. At the same time, they will be allowed to see a side of certain characters that they heretofore have never seen. Look at how brilliantly Marvel did it with Captain America: Civil War. Those superheroes, these legends of cinema, spend a good deal of the film making fun of each other. Then, when comes time for war, these guys engage in it and at no time do we not take it seriously. There is a way to have fun in a film and tell a good story. The LEGO Batman Movie does a very good job showing how this can be achieved.

Evan Jacobs