Former Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge is back at it, this time spreading his theories of the existence of aliens on the Joe Rogan podcast. DeLonge claims that the United States government has a dead alien in its possession, but it's not what you think. Many believe that a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and that's where the government got their hands on the deceased extraterrestrial. However, Tom DeLonge has revealed that the Roswell incident is not where the alien specimen came from. The former singer/guitar player from Blink-182 also revealed that the US government has a top-secret spy craft that closely resembles what we think to be UFOs.

Tom DeLonge is now one of the biggest figures among UFO enthusiasts, as the former Blink-182 member is working together with ex-military officials and government officials to unveil the truth surrounding extraterrestrial life. The singer has also founded To The Stars Academy, an organization dedicated to sky watching and finding abnormalities in the sky. In addition, DeLonge is currently crowdsourcing his own version of a UFO, which he estimates will be able to bend time and space.

Tom DeLonge made these revelations during The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the talk, he revealed that he met a government source at an airport, from where he was informed that an alien body was discovered during the time of the Cold War. DeLonge also added that the corpse of this alien is still with the US Government. DeLonge's source also revealed that the alien corpse was definitely not from the famed 1947 Roswell crash. Now, this is where things really start to get interesting. It's time to maybe throw some tin foil around your phone as you read this next part.

According to Tom DeLonge, the Nazis had developed alien flying saucer technology by the end of the World War II, and it was a German flying saucer that crashed in Roswell, not an extraterrestrial flying saucer. The Roswell crash has been connected to extraterrestrial life forms for decades, since an unknown technology based out of the earth was believed to be found on the German saucer. DeLonge has it on good authority that the Nazis were at least 100 years ahead of the US in terms of technology at that time. Therefore, that is where the misconceptions and uncertainty surrounding Roswell come from.

But that's not all, the former Blink-182 member also claims that the US government has a top-secret project entitled "Black Project." The TR-3B is alleged by conspiracy theorists to be a spy craft for the US that looks like a triangular UFO that were designed in secret by the US Air Force. DeLonge shared a video that many have claimed to be a hoax with Joe Rogan and went into great detail about it. Rogan stopped him and said that if that we're a movie, he'd ask for his money back because it looked "so fake." Tom DeLonge was disappointed in the way that he was represented on Joe Rogan's podcast and sent out a series of tweets, which you can read below. Also, make sure to watch the entire 100-minute long podcast, also included below, courtesy of The Powerful JRE YouTube channel.