Last week, a controversial trailer for the upcoming video game Dead Island debuted online to much fanfare. Shortly there after, rights to adapt the property into a big screen thriller were purchased by producer Sean Daniel, the man behind The Wolfman and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

The Sean Daniel Company snatched up the rights to the game as soon as the trailer in question, which depicts a young girl vacationing with her family when a zombie outbreak occurs, became a viral sensation.

The storyline of the game, and presumably the upcoming movie, sounds a lot like Uwe Boll's video game adaptation House Of The Dead. The action takes place at the fictional Royal Palms Resort in Banoi, Papua New Guinea, with a group of partying vacationers awakening one morning to find the island infested with flesh-hungry zombies. They must then contend with the ensuing chaos.

Techland, the company releasing the Dead Island video game, have made it clear that the scenes witnessed in the trailer do not occur within the game itself.

There is no scheduled start date for production at this time. You can check out the controversial video game trailer for Dead Island below.