Spike TV's multi-platform hit show "Deadliest Warrior" continues to break the mold in its quest to enhance the viewer experience this season, announcing plans for the first-ever, LIVE "Deadliest Warrior" special event (#dwlive).

Hosts Richard Machowicz, Geoff Desmoulin and Dr. Armand Dorian will be on hand to reveal a special surprise guest, discuss and analyze the most relevant episode-to-date, answer fan twitter questions in real time (@Warriors_Den), unveil real time fan polling results on dwlive.spike.com, reveal never-before-seen footage and make an exclusive announcement "Deadliest Warrior" fans won't want to miss.

The supersized LIVE event of "Deadliest Warrior" premieres Wednesday, August 3 from 10-11:30PM (ET/ tape delay PT) on Spike TV.

The 90-minute LIVE special centers on the US Army Rangers vs. North Korean Special Operations Forces matchup. The matchup is especially relevant today as it marks the first time in "Deadliest Warrior" history where the two warriors have a very real possibility of going to battle in a war that could erupt at any moment. The episode features the US Army Rangers, the most elite light infantry unit that has always been first to the battlefield in every major engagement in which the US has ever been involved, facing off against the North Korean Special Operations Forces, the fanatical, extremist super commandos who spearhead the military of the world's most dangerous rogue nation.