Following the first trailer that arrived last week, Lifetime has released an extended trailer for their upcoming TV movie A Deadly Adoption. Shot in secret last year, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig "canceled" the release of this thriller when word leaked in April. But Lifetime has decided to air it anyway on Saturday, June 20 at 8 PM ET. The movie coincides with Lifetime's 25th Anniversary festivities, and while it is a parody of the network's original Lifetime movies, it's certainly more dramatic than humorous.

Inspired by a true story, A Deadly Adoption is a high-stakes dramatic thriller about a successful couple (Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig) who house and care for a pregnant woman (Jessica Lowndes) during the final months of her pregnancy with the hopes of adopting her unborn child. They soon find out that this pregnant woman has designs on tearing their family apart, from the inside out. Yahoo! TV describes the story as a cross between The Crush and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.

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Rachel Lee Goldenberg, who has directed original Lifetime movies such as Escape from Polygamy and Love at the Christmas Table, directs from a script by Andrew Steele (Casa de Mi Padre, The Spoils of Babylon). Will Ferrell also serves as an executive producer alongside Adam McKay, Andrew Steele, Sharon Bordas, Fernando Szew and Jessica Elbaum. Check out the extended trailer below before A Deadly Adoption debuts this Saturday night on Lifetime.