Now that the press and some lucky fans have been able to see Deadpool 2, reactions to the movie are starting to spread online. The sequel has been getting high marks, with many noting that Deadpool 2 is far better than the first, and praising the post-credit scene as well as the work that Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz, and the rest of the cast put into the sequel. However, none of the reactions were as extreme as Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, who admitted to crying at the very end.

As far as positive reactions to Deadpool 2 go, tears of joy from the creator of the Merc with a Mouth is pretty high praise. There's always a lot of big changes any time something from the comic book world, or any book for that matter, is adapted for the big screen. There's often compromise that occurs while projects are in development, so seeing that Rob Liefeld had such an extreme endorsement is a pretty big deal. Liefeld had this to say.

"I cried at the end of Deadpool 2. Part was the nostalgia of the particular track blasting but mostly the emotion that they had landed the plane in such spectacular fashion. The plane is the movie in this analogy, there is no important plane landing sequence I'm referencing."

From the sound of things, it seems that Ryan Reynolds and David Leitch pulled off a pretty awesome feat. There is a lot to live up to with the first Deadpool movie being so beloved, but as stated before, many fans and critics are claiming that Deadpool 2 is the superior movie out of the two. Rob Liefeld has a lot of emotional stake in the character and the world that he inhabits, so his reaction makes sense. That doesn't mean that he wanted people to see him crying though. He explains.

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"I wiped those tears away as fast as I could before the lights came up because I couldn't have everyone going Why is Liefeld crying over Deadpool 2? Movie is a blast. Dream come true. Spectacular hurdle cleared. Get ready for Cable, Domino and the rest!"

It makes one wonder what song was playing during the end of Deadpool 2 to help those tears come to Rob Liefeld. Though a quick glance at the official soundtrack points to a few songs that could have done the trick. Without giving too much away, Liefeld mentions that the song is nostalgic, so that only leaves a few songs on the soundtrack that could possibly make the creator of Deadpool shed tears, and it's more than likely not "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton.

Deadpool 2 officially hits theaters next week where it will have to do battle with Infinity War, which will be having another big weekend at the top of the box office starting today. The Merc with a Mouth should be able to pull off the weekend, but it will have some tough competition when Solo: A Star Wars Story is released the following week. As a warning, Deadpool 2 will make you laugh, but it looks like it could also make you cry, so consider yourself prepared. You can read what the Merc with a Mouth creator had to say about Deadpool 2 below, thanks to Rob Liefeld's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick