With production starting later this month on 20th Century Fox's highly-anticipated superhero sequel Deadpool 2, the cast is starting to come together. We reported a few weeks ago that Jack Kesy has signed on to play the primary villain, who is rumored to be Black Tom from the Marvel Comics, although that has yet to be confirmed. Today we have a new report that reveals details about two U.K.-based actors auditioning for a mysterious character named Mike, who may in fact be a brand new mutant character created for this sequel.

Omega Underground has gotten a hold of audition tapes from Irish actor Killian Scott and British actor Charley Palmer Rothwell, who both tried out for this Mike character. The scenes they read in these audition tapes for the Deadpool sequel don't mention any specific characters, and it's possible that the dialogue they read wasn't actually part of the script, but merely new dialogue written for audition purposes. Here's an excerpt from one of these scenes featuring a lengthy monologue for the Mike character.

"How much power we have, together. Our gifts are unique we're made for each other. Okay, fire and the ultimate fuel. And the man with the silver arm is gonna come back here for you and when he does, we'll have a chance to be free this fucking steel. Okay? And if you take with you, I can protect you because I have control of the monster down below. He can protect the both of us, right? This is how I see it give us a bit of time to make things right. Cause, honestly, I'm not a good man. But I'm no liar, okay? I'm no liar. And I wanna show you that there can be real justice in this fucking world. Real freedom, you're not alone boy. See this? [possibly pointing to scars] I knew the man that raised you, maybe even better than you did. And you know we can make him pay for what he did to us. We make every single soul that hurt us buddy. Start by tell me your name."

The site speculated that "Mike" was originally supposed to be the Black Tom character, but with Jack Kesy now locking in that role, that likely isn't the case. While it's also possible that Mike is just a code name for a different character, the site reveals that they had gotten a hold of an audition tape for Power actress Lala Anthony, although that was labeled "Neena/Deadpool 2," meaning she was trying out for the Neena Thurman role, a.k.a. Domino, a role that ultimately went to newcomer Zazie Beetz. If Mike is actually the name of this character, then it very well could be a brand new mutant created specifically for this sequel, although that has yet to be confirmed.

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This report also reveals that there is talk of an "asylum" of some kind in the audition tapes from Rothwell, which hint at a prison setting of some kind, which could be a reference to the Genosha mutant camp. As for Mike, the site mentions that this character could actually be Michael Pointer, a.k.a. Omega Weapon, although this Mike seems to be more conflicted, and since both actors reportedly played the character very differently, it's difficult to surmise who this "Mike" may be for Deadpool 2. We reported in February that writer Drew Goddard was brought in for a final polish of the script, so it's possible that this Mike character was recently added, although he could have been in early versions of the script as well, since very little is known about the story. With filming set to begin at the end of June, we should find out who is playing this "Mike" character in Deadpool 2 very soon.