For audiences, the 2018 movie Deadpool 2 was not only a grand reunion with everyone's favorite Merc' with the Mouth but also an expansion of the franchise's mythology to include many new elements from his comic series. One of the best new additions was Josh Brolin as world-weary time warrior Cable. Recently, the actor took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes training video from his time on the movie.

The video shows Josh Brolin rehearsing a fight scene, where he appears to be fighting a very formidable opponent. Despite seeming to inflict brutal damage on the other guy, including breaking his arm, and stabbing him multiple times, Brolin's foe keeps getting up for more.

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This, coupled with the prison-setting of the video, indicates that this fight is most likely a rehearsal of the battle that took place between Deadpool and Cable inside the prison where 'Pool and Russell were held. It was here that Cable teleported inside the building, and embarked on his mission to kill Russell before the teen could grow into an adult supervillain who ends up roasting Cable's family. Until Wade Wilson gets in the way.

The fight sequence is very complex and goes on for a long time, with Brolin and his partner getting thrown on the flow, smashing into things, and generally displaying a level of brutality that earned the movie its R-rating. Brolin worked long and hard to get himself in shape for playing Cable, and in the description for the video, he thanks the stunt team for pushing him to better himself and give his best to the fight choreography.

Now that Deadpool is in the hands of Disney, it is reported that the studio wants Ryan Reynolds to continue to play the character in the MCU. That would also leave the door open for other Deapool characters to join the MCU, and Brolin has already expressed his enthusiasm for continuing to play Cable.

There is that small matter of Brolin already having played Thanos in the MCU. In any other case, the actor would simply play Cable and ignore his previous dalliance with the MCU. But since he is a part of the fourth-wall-breaking, meta-jokey Deadpool's entourage, you can bet the Merc' with the Mouth will have some remark to make upon the striking similarity between his friend from the future and The Mad Titan.

Despite making his mark in character-driven roles, Brolin has been branching out more and more into action movies at this stage in his career. Apart from being a part of Deadpool, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, and the Avengers series, the actor will also feature in the upcoming adaptation of Dune in an action-packed role.

Meanwhile, the Deadpool franchise is preparing to become a part of the larger Marvel cinematic universe, while sticking to its R-rated, fourth-wall-breaking roots. All the series needs at this point is a cameo by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine to shoot to the top of fans lists of superhero franchises.