Earlier this week, a report surfaced that Oscar-nominated actor Michael Shannon is currently the front-runner for the coveted role of Cable in Deadpool 2, with Brad Pitt also in contention for the role. Often when news like this breaks, artist BossLogic works quickly to give fans an idea of what these actors may look like in these superhero roles, based on previous comic book costumes. As expected, Boss Logic took to social media yesterday to unveil his latest piece of artwork, depicting Michael Shannon as Cable.

Boss Logic debuted this artwork on Twitter yesterday morning, which followed a rather unusual development in this casting story. A day after the report broke that both Michael Shannon and Brad Pitt were contenders for the role, concept art surfaced that was reportedly leaked from 20th Century Fox, revealing what Brad Pitt would look like as Cable. It was in fact confirmed to be from 20th Century Fox, and the artwork images were eventually removed. It was then reported that Brad Pitt was the front runner, but he is no longer interested in the role.

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Last week, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the Deadpool 2 writers, revealed that they want an actor who is "uber-masculine" to play Cable, since Ryan Reynolds can play Deadpool with a "hint of femininity." Before the report that Michael Shannon is the new top contender, a number of actors had either been rumored for the role, or expressed their interest in playing Cable. Among them are Stephen Lang, who sent out a photo on Twitter throwing his hat in the ring to play Cable just after Deadpool hit theaters, along with Dolph Lundgren, Ron Perlman and Russell Crowe. There were rumors that Tim Miller wanted to cast Kyle Chandler, but Ryan Reynolds wanted an older actor to play Cable, and that is one of the reasons that lead to director Tim Miller's departure. The most recent potential candidates were Pierce Brosnan and Stranger Things star David Harbour.

While it remains to be seen when the filmmakers will make their final decision on who's playing Cable, Ryan Reynolds announced earlier this month that actress Zazie Beetz has landed the crucial role of Domino. Casting was already under way for that role when Tim Miller left the project, with actresses such as Lizzy Caplan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sienna Miller, Sofia Boutella, Stephanie Sigman and Sylvia Hoeks reportedly in contention for the role. After director David Leitch took over at the helm, there were rumors that Scandal star Kerry Washington and Moonlight star Janelle Monae were up for the role, before Zazie Beetz eventually won the part.

Actress Brianna Hildebrand also teased earlier this month that she will return as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool 2, with other recent reports revealing that production has been pushed up from a June 19 start, to a September 18 start in Ryan Reynolds' hometown of Vancouver. It isn't quite clear yet if this slight production delay will alter 20th Century Fox's release plays for Deadpool 2, but as of now, an official release date has not been given quite yet. While we wait for more official details on Deadpool 2, take a look at this new Boss Logic artwork depicting what Michael Shannon may look like as Cable.