Ron Perlman is never shy about letting his fans and the world know when he wants something to happen, and he has recently made it known that he wants to take on the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. The actor took to his Facebook to post a couple of side by side photos showing his resemblance to the Marvel Comics time traveling mutant who has been confirmed to appear in the Deadpool sequel. He goes onto declare this.

"I'm the only with Cable's friggin hair!"
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Ron Perlman campaigning for the role via social media isn't exactly a surprise, because a few months ago he campaigned very hard on Twitter to get fans to rally behind getting Hellboy 3 made. Even though the actor wasn't ultimately able to get the movie greenlit, he did get a lot of traction behind the idea, so this new campaign should at least get him on Fox's radar. But Perlman is far from the only actor who has thrown his hat in the ring to take on the role alongside Ryan Reynolds. With the massive success that the first film enjoyed, several actors have come out of the woodwork to campaign for what will surely lead to a larger role in a massive franchise.

Just after Deadpool hit theaters, Avatar actor and all around tough guy Stephen Lang took to Twitter in order to declare that he was very much interested in the role saying, "Let's lay some CABLE. You know I want it. This is pre-training. Thanks for spreading the word. #Deadpool." This arrived alongside a picture of himself in the gym, flexing his guns. In addition to Lang, old school action star Dolph Lundgren danced around the idea of being interested in the Cable role. He recently stopped by the Nerdist offices while promoting his new film Kindergarten Cop 2. When the subject of Cable came up, he at least entertained the idea of being willing to play the role.

"I haven't watched a lot of these superhero movies; for some reason, I don't know, I'm just busy making films. I did hear in... Deadpool, isn't there a character named Cable that's coming? Like, he's a big guy? I guess I could kick some butt doing that, I suppose. We'll see. When I saw the picture, he looks a little bit like Ivan Drago mixed with Gunner Jensen mixed with... I don't know."

Other names that have been bandied about for the now very coveted role are Jon Hamm, Mel Gibson and even Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightley, though the later two names were jokingly mentioned by Reynolds in the post credit sequence from Deadpool that revealed Cable will indeed be a part of the sequel. Perlman, Lundgren and Lang all make sense on paper, given their history in action franchises and the fact that the character of Cable is mostly portrayed as an older character, roughly in his 60s. For those that don't know, Cable is the time traveling son of Cyclops who has a deadly virus coursing through his body that he is able to keep at bay with his powers.

Deadpool had a long, hard road to actually making its way to theaters, but the gamble paid off for Fox studios as the film went on to gross more than $750 million worldwide and that makes it the highest grossing film in the X-Men franchise to date. Fans have been wanting to see Cable on the big screen for a very long time now, and thanks to the success of the rated R adaptation of Deadpool being so well received by fans and critics, that is now going to happen, we just don't know which actor (or actress) will be portraying Nathan Summers. Who do you think would be the best fit for Cable?