While nothing is set in stone yet, it seems that 20th Century Fox is closer to finding their Cable for Deadpool 2. A new report claims that Stranger Things star David Harbour has screen tested for the role of Nathan Summers. Although, it isn't clear if there are other candidates in the running, or if the studio has extended an offer to David Harbour quite yet. The casting of this iconic character was reportedly one of the points of contention that lead original Deadpool director Tim Miller to part ways with the sequel.

The Wrap reports that David Harbour screen tested for the Cable role, but it isn't clear how close the studio is to making a final decision, or who else has tried out for the part. There had been reports after Tim Miller's departure that the filmmaker was pushing to cast the 51-year-old Kyle Chandler as Cable, although the actor was younger than the character portrayed in the comics. Ryan Reynolds reportedly disagreed with this casting, and he wanted to cast an older actor. David Harbour will turn 42 next month, so it seems that perhaps Ryan Reynolds and the studio are going in an even different direction now.

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It was confirmed that Cable will be featured in this sequel during the post-credit sequence of the original Deadpool movie, which was an homage to the classic post-credits sequence in the 1980s classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Since then, there have been no shortage of casting rumors regarding Cable, with Avatar star Stephen Lang expressing his interest in the role. Many fans think that the 64-year-old Stephen Lang would be perfect, but it has never been confirmed if he has even tested, or if the studio is interested in him.

Others who have been rumored for the Cable role are Dolph Lundgren, Liam Neeson, Pierce Brosnan and the most recent potential candidate, Russell Crowe, who engaged in a brief Twitter conversation with Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld last week. Whether or not this Twitter conversation actually leads to Russell Crowe reading for the role remains to be seen, but it seems that the filmmakers are actively searching for the Cable role now, with David Harbour reading for the part. We reported earlier this week that filming is now expected to run from mid-June to mid-September in Canada, with Drew Goddard recently coming aboard for a final script polish for director David Leitch.

Aside from playing Jim Hopper on Stranger Things, David Harbour recently had a small role as Dexter Tolliver in Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad, and he also played Doug Dennison in last month's thriller Sleepless, alongside Jamie Foxx. He will next be seen in Indifferent Women, which doesn't have a release date lined up at this time, along with the second season of Stranger Things, which has recently been confirmed to debut on Halloween. With casting under way for Cable, hopefully we'll have confirmation soon about who will play this iconic role in Deadpool 2.