Iron Fist star Lewis Tan took to social media to announce that he's in Deadpool 2 playing Shatterstar. Colossus actor Stefan Kapicic confirmed in a recent interview that Shatterstar is in the sequel but did not mention who was playing the character. Kapicic also confirmed that Terry Crews was in the movie, since he is standing right in front of Tan's Shatterstar character as Bedlam. Many speculated that he was playing G.W. Bridge, but the latest trailer proves otherwise.

Lewis Tan took to social media recently to post a picture of X-Force getting ready to jump out of a helicopter with Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2. The actor captioned the photo by saying, "The gang is all here. Recognize someone?" Ryan Reynolds and the production team have been pretty quiet about the X-Force factor in the upcoming sequel and this is the first that we've heard of the Iron Fist star in Deadpool 2. The same can be said about Terry Crews. There have been no official announcements about his involvement in the sequel either.

In the comics, Shatterstar is closely linked to Josh Brolin's Cable character. Shatterstar is a deadly warrior who was trained in martial arts in another dimension, where he originates from. His main weapon is a double-bladed sword that can be charged to send devastating shockwaves. The character is also known for his distinctive costume, which most notably includes a weird helmet design that can clearly be seen behind Terry Crews' Bedlam in the trailer and the image that Lewis Tan posted. It isn't clear how the X-Force comes together, but it's going to be interesting to see how everything plays out when compared to the comics.

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As for the mystery character in the background, it's definitely IT's Bill Skarsgard, but it's not clear who he's playing just yet. As with Terry Crews and Lewis Tan, he hasn't been officially announced as a member of the cast yet. One theory is that Skarsgard is playing Rictor, a mutant who originally believed that Cable was the one responsible for his father's death. It's this storyline that led to him joining up with X-Force. However, it was actually Cable's clone Stryfe who was responsible for Rictor's death.

There's still a lot of mystery surrounding Deadpool 2, which is a good thing for fans. But, a few casting announcements wouldn't hurt since we know that X-Force is being introduced in the sequel. Maybe the story will follow a comic story arc a little too closely, which would explain all of the secrecy surrounding the identity of the characters in X-Force. In the meantime, you can check out the new extended trailer for Deadpool 2 that was released yesterday and then check out the new social media post that confirms the Iron Fist actor's involvement as Shatterstar. Check out the post below, courtesy of Lewis Tan's Instagram account.

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