The Deadpool Before Christmas is coming to make everyone's holidays a little brighter. This winter will see the theatrical release of a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2, which initially hit theaters as an R-rated film back in May. At this point, the Deadpool films are known for their mature nature, which hasn't slowed down the movies' profits at the box office in any way. Still, a tamer version of the sequel will be arriving in theaters in December, opening the door for it to be enjoyed by superhero fans not quite old enough to see the R-rated version. What's most interesting about the new cut of the film, however, is that it will contain new footage recently shot with star Ryan Reynolds, as writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick revealed in a recent interview.

"We definitely shot new stuff. And recently too. After Deadpool 2 came out and we were all sitting around, we came to it less about the idea of let's make a PG-13 movie and more, 'Let's talk a little bit about Deadpool.' We were kicking around some ideas and then I think it was Ryan [Reynolds] who had the great framing device and we all got excited and went to the studio. They said, 'Yeah, let's do it. Fire up the cameras.' About two months ago we were out on soundstages shooting again. Ryan was in the suit and the gang was back together, Dave Leitch and Ryan and us having a great time and laughing. It comes together great so we're super excited about it."

What this confirms is Ryan Reynolds and David Leitch were back on set just recently to shoot new footage for the upcoming re-release. However, Reese and Wernick declined to say if any other actors from the film reprised their roles, or which scenes exactly were filmed for this new cut. It's possible only Reynolds came to the set to shoot some footage as Deadpool, or the writers are just trying to keep details on the new scenes as a surprise. In any case, the inclusion of new content should entice the fans who might be feeling leery about the PG-13 version of the film, who might be worrying it has little else to offer besides its new rating.

The writer mentions the new framing device used in this PG-13 rerelease. We know from Ryan Reynolds that these wraparounds will include Fred Savage reprising his role from The Prince Bride, playing the narrator's grandson. In what is being called The Deadpool Before Christmas, Ryan Reynolds, suited up as Deadpool, will be reading to Savage from a bedtime story book. Possibly recounting his adventures. Some speculate that scenes from both Deadpool movies will be utilized in this special cut of the film.

Re-releasing an R-rated film with a PG-13 cut several months later is highly unusual. It comes as Disney is preparing to acquire 20th Century Fox, and the character is expected to become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This has some fans worried as no MCU films have ever been released with this rating, but Disney CEO Bob Iger says he's still willing to make R-rated Deadpool films. It's possible this PG-13 cut is being released as a test to see how well the film can perform at the box office without its more risque content, which could end up shaping the rating of the planned third movie in the series.

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Deadpool 2 sets up an X-Force movie, which is also said to be in the works. The X-Men crossover will have Reynolds returning as Deadpool, along with Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz reprising their roles as Cable and Domino. The group will also consist of Colossus (Stefan Kapičić), Teenage Negasonic Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Russell (Julian Dennison), and Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna). Drew Goddard is attached to direct.

The PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 will be premiering in theaters on Dec. 21, 2018. We'll see how the release stands when held up against the $734 million global haul the sequel previously earned. That was down a bit from the first film's $783 million earnings, but still an exceptionally high amount. This information comes to us courtesy of Variety.

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