Adult coloring books are one of the weirder fads to hit in recent years, though it does help some older folks with stress and it allows the younger 'adult-like' millennials find a safe space when there is no other recourse. And Wade Wilson likes to make fun of that. So much so he's celebrating National Crayon Day this year, instead of Easter. And to usher in this so-called holiday, he's dropped a cool coloring page that offer a scene from Deadpool 2.

If you joined the Deadpool 2 fan club known as DeadpoolCore, you received an update in your email with this coloring page in celebration of National Crayon Day. It shows Wade Wilson on his cool new Vespa scooter. After you color the page, you can send it into Fox. And they'll probably be showing off all the cool art at a later date. Deadpool had this to say about his fun little activity for Easter.

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"There's no way around it. I'm an artist. My katanas are my brushes. The entrails of my enemies are my paint, and my canvas is...THE WORLD. Sometimes I wish I were a kid again. And that's about when I trade in my swords for a fresh box of crayons (with the built-in sharpener) and a me-themed coloring page. But here's the thing...coloring alone has the same icky vibe as drinking alone. So why don't you click the download button, grab some crayons, create your own piece of art and sent it back to me. If I like it, I might even hang it up. But probably not. - Deadpool"

This note arrived direct from Deadpool along with the first fan club letter which will remind some adults of the old school fan clubs that used to exist for movies back in the 80s. The letter reads as such.

"Welcome to the Family. [Member Name], Congratulations! Welcome to the 'Core. You're part of the family now. Here you'll get the early tastes of what Papa Pool is fermenting, straight from the trough (think toilet-made jail house hooch, but less sanitary). You'll also get exclusive access to Deadpool fun, like the official Deadpool Coloring Page! There's no better way to unwind and spend some quality time with your fellow family members in the 'Core than pulling out your crayons, gauche, or encaustic paints and coloring in your official Deadpool Coloring Page. When you're don and you've hung your masterpiece prominently over your hearth in your bedroom, be sure to share your painting of 'Pool on the internets using #DeadpoolCore. Now get to work, Mercateer! Ciao Ciao, DP."

This is the latest promotional run for Deadpool 2, a franchise that has always catered to interesting new ideas in selling its movies home to the masses. The sequel is just a couple months away now as we head into one big massive summer full of blockbusters. It will be exciting to watch as this one plays out. Now, go get your crayons and pretend to be 4 years old for a day, you crazy kids. You can get your own Deadpool coloring page right here.

Deadpool 2 Coloring Page