Though Ryan Reynolds may be most notable for playing the foul-mouthed "Merc with the Mouth" Deadpool, the actor himself is actually a well known sweetheart. Reynolds is not afraid to reach out to his fans, and help those in need. He regularly makes trips to children's hospitals simply to cheer up sick kids, in addition to a number of other charitable acts. And no he's taking his reach further as Deadpool 2 nears theaters.

Reynold's most recent act of charity, however, may be the most noteworthy. In collaboration with Omaze, Ryan Reynolds is raising money for the charity group LetsFCancer, which, as their name suggests, is a group trying to stop cancer in its tracks. Instead of just focusing on curing the disease, their primary focus is on stopping cancer before it even begins. They help raise awareness with ways to change cancer-causing behavior, in addition to funding early cancer screenings so people can get treatment before the cancer becomes life-threatening.

Ryan Reynolds announced his charitable acts in a video late Tuesday night, featuring Deadpool dressed in a pink suit, as opposed to his usual red. Deadpool begins, connecting back to one of his more memorable quotes from his first movie.

"Oh, hello there, you may be wondering, 'Why the pink suit?' Well, so the world can see that I have a big ol' heart on. That's heart with a 't' for my new obsession, pink. The color, not the pop singer... Pink is tied, like a beautiful ribbon, to a cause very close to me: cancer. So, Omaze and I are joining together to scare up some serious cash for F**k Cancer."

The superhero went on to explain the possible prizes involved with his fundraiser, including the very pink suit he was wearing as the Grand Prize. The more money that a person donates, the more chances they have at winning the heavily detailed, movie-accurate suit. In addition, a signed poster, signed DVD, and personalized voicemail message by Wade Wilson are being offered for those who donate particular amounts to the campaign.

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Ryan Reynolds is not the first superhero actor to raise money for campaigns like this. Actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Affleck have also ran Omaze campaigns around the release of some of their movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, respectively. However, Reynolds may be the first superhero actor to tie in his campaign with some of the events of his particular movie.

As anyone who has seen Deadpool or has read the comics knows, Deadpool became the way he is because of an inhumane cancer treatment. Cancer is a serious topic that has killed millions, and as humorous as Deadpool may be, Ryan Reynolds knows that it is no joke.

Ryan Reynold's "F**k Cancer" campaign is a fantastic way to raise money. In addition, the particular cause he is raising money for seems very admirable, attempting to stop cancer before it even begins to take control. This is a cause that is actively saving lives, and funding the charity more can only help save more people. You can donate to Ryan Reynold's campaign and get the chance to win his pink suit courtesy of Omaze and 20th Century Fox.

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