Jack Kesy's mysterious Deadpool 2 villain has been cut from the movie, according to a new rumor. While it was never officially announced who Kesy was playing, there have been many clues that he was portraying Juggernaut. Recent reports have suggested that Deadpool 2 had negative test screenings, and one of the reasons behind said rumors was because the movie reportedly wastes a fan-favorite villain. The reports state that the villain is also a famous meme, which points directly at Juggernaut. Additionally, Jack Kesy was spotted on the set wearing an oversized motion capture helmet that resembled Juggernaut's head.

The new report comes from Meet the Movie Press, who claim that Jack Kesy has been completely cut out of Deadpool 2. There hasn't been any talk of Kesy's character, which has also been rumored to be Black Tom Cassidy, at all or any sign of him in any of the recently released promotional material. This new rumor is basically running on the same unconfirmed reports that Deadpool 2 had negative test screenings.

Conflicting reports state that Deadpool 2 ended up testing even better than the first film, so there seems to be some miscommunication somewhere down the line. However, there have been multiple reports claiming that Jack Kesy's character was a wasted opportunity in the sequel, so it could be accurate that the character has been cut. So, does this mean that Josh Brolin's Cable will be the main thorn in Wade Wilson's side (and vice versa)? That's certainly the way that the recently released final trailer is pointing to, even though it's widely known the two characters end up as bros down the line.

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Cable is targeting an unidentified pyro-kinetic kid, played by Julian Dennison, to take him out. This conflict might be all that the movie has time for, especially since the X-Force is also being introduced in Deadpool 2. Again, this is all speculation at this point. Jack Kesy's villain character may not have even been cut out of the movie at all. Until anything is officially announced, this is all that we have to go off of at this point in time. The positive thing is that there's only about a month of waiting before we find out exactly what's going on with the villain in Deadpool 2. For now, we'll take this rumor with a tube of used old lady lipstick and and old gym sock.

In other Deadpool 2 news, the movie received a new French poster today that puts the Merc with a Mouth's butt on full display, competing with the latest Infinity War posters that show of the backsides of Captain America and Bucky. This new poster trend of featuring superhero butts seems to be all the rage right now, and it's something that Wade Wilson fully endorses. The initial report about Jack Kesy being cut from Deadpool 2 originated from Meet the Movie Press and you can watch the podcast below, from the Popcorn Talk YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick