Deadpool 2 director David Leitch was recently interviewed and he mentioned that he would not rule out a pansexual relationship for Wade Wilson in the upcoming sequel. Leitch is currently out promoting his Atomic Blonde movie, which was just released. The topic inevitably shifted to Deadpool 2 questions, and Leitch delivered some pretty interesting news. In addition to talking about Wade Wilson's sexuality, the director also briefly addressed a popular fan theory regarding a connection between Spider-Man and Deadpool from the Deadpool 2 teaser that was shown before Logan in theaters. He neither confirmed nor denied the theory, which claims that the old man shot and killed in the first Deadpool 2 teaser is Uncle Ben. But the director thinks that "people should continue to theorize who that old man was."

In that same interview with The Huffington Post, Leitch was also asked about the possibility of Ryan Reynolds' character Wade Wilson being pansexual in the upcoming sequel. Leitch explained.

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"Everything in the Deadpool world is possible. It's such a crazy universe to play in, but I can't comment about where we're gonna go. That's what's fun about Deadpool, you really don't know and you're willing to ask these questions about him. I think that, right there, says it all. How often do you have a character where you could even have these discussions?"

Deadpool is pansexual in the original comics, but Leitch again, neither confirms nor denies the possibility. Ryan Reynolds has spoken out in the past quite a few times how he would like to see that story play out on the big screen, so it isn't that much of a stretch. Leitch went on to say that he's excited to be a part of the project while praising Reynolds' interpretation of the character. Leitch said this.

"I'm so excited about how people are so into his universe and his world, and I think that says a lot about the character Ryan built. He's perfect for that role."

As mentioned previously, Ryan Reynolds has talked a lot about the possibility of Wade Wilson being pansexual. He told Vanity Fair earlier this year that "what love is to Deadpool may not be what love is to Batman or someone else. I think that could be played up more. He's an outsider in every way, shape, and form." It is a definite possibility that we could see a very different side to Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2, which is pretty exciting to think about because there has never been a pansexual superhero portrayed on the big screen.

Deadpool, both in the comics and the big screen, is definitely on the outside of things, but the first movie saw a surprising success for an R-rated, violent superhero movie. The success of Deadpool and to a certain extent Logan has busted open the playing field for what can be done within the comic book movie genre. And it sure seems that Reynolds and Leitch are into pushing the envelope even further for the sequel while staying true to the character of Wade Wilson and Deadpool.

So, will we see a pansexual Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2? The best answer that we currently have right now is maybe. It's not the best answer, but director David Leitch and star Ryan Reynolds aren't ruling it out either. Earlier in the year, Reynolds told Vanity Fair that, "Most comic book heroes have been heterosexual or homosexual. We find that interesting and groundbreaking. I hope it can evolve into something a little more." I would not be surprised if we saw that other side of Wade Wilson this time around, but we'll just have to wait and see when Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 1st, 2018.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick