Fox has released a brand new Deadpool 2 poster in honor of the Easter holiday this weekend. Even if Deadpool 2 can't quite match the level of awesome that the first movie did, at least we've been treated to another very fun marketing campaign. That was one of the trademarks of the first movie and Fox has kept that up this time around as well. The trend continues with this very fun Easter poster, which features Wade Wilson and a very big egg.

This particular Deadpool 2 poster couldn't have been timed better. Not only is Easter this weekend, but Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One also just arrived in theaters and the team behind this movie's marketing surely had that in mind when crafting this poster, which features Deadpool leaned up against a hay bail, with a giant, gold Easter egg on his knee. This no doubt works doubly as a reference to the holiday at hand and the massive Easter egg hunt at the center of Ready Player One. Well played, Deadpool.

It's little touches like this that have helped to put the marketing for both Deadpool movies a cut above the rest. Granted, not all movies have a character like Wade Wilson to work with. Nor do they have someone as perfectly suited for a role as Ryan Reynolds is for Deadpool, who also just so happens to be very charismatic. But still, keeping fans involved and having fun along the way with the advertising for Deadpool 2, as opposed to just feeling like the studio is just beating us down and trying desperately to make the masses aware of a movie, is something pretty unique to this franchise. If it were easier to emulate, more people would likely do it.

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The marketing for the first movie paid off in a very big way. Deadpool wound up shattering records on its opening weekend in February of 2016, ultimately going on to gross $783 million worldwide. All without the help of a release in China, which is truly impressive. It certainly doesn't hurt that the movie was a real crowd-pleaser, currently boasting an 83 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, with a 90 percent audience rating. But can Deadpool 2 recapture that same magic?

In terms of fan reaction, things are looking good. Recently, Fox held some test screenings of Deadpool 2 after doing some reshoots. The studio showed several cuts of the movie, with one particular cut testing through the roof, even higher than the original Deadpool. It's early, but it looks like they may have pulled it off. As for the box office? Currently, Deadpool 2 is tracking for a $100 million opening weekend, which is stellar, but will fall short of its predecessor. However, if the reviews are really positive, that number could go way up, come the time Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on May 18. Be sure to check out the new Deadpool 2 poster from 20th Century Fox for yourself below.

<strong><em>Deadpool 2</em></strong> Easter Poster

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