Deadpool 2 nearly featured an appearance by Marvel's first family, as some early concept art from the movie has revealed some new looks for the Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, the superhero team was cut from the project rather early on after the movie's original director Tim Miller left the project.

The Fantastic Four team that would've appeared would have been the cast from 2015's box office failure Fantastic Four. Though the movie was certainly not a hit, it had an incredibly talented cast, including Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell. Before 2015's Fantastic Four was released, Fox confirmed that they planned to integrate the superhero team into the X-Men franchise. However, after the movie released as an absolute box office and critical failure, Fox cancelled all of their plans for the franchise. Tim Miller, however, had other plans, and hoped to integrate the superhero team in his own Deadpool series.

During Deadpool 2's early days of development, there were a number of rumors that the Fantastic Four would be making cameos. Now we know that these were more than rumors, and that Marvel's first family even received some concept art. This wasn't the only Fantastic Four rumor from the early stages of Deadpool 2, however. One earlier report suggested that Tim Miller was trying to get Chris Evans to cameo as his version of the Human Torch. If the rest of the Fantastic Four rumors are apparently true, then the Chris Evans rumor was likely true as well.

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When Miller was overseeing the concept art for the superteam, he apparently tried to make them stand out from their previous appearance. According to concept artist Alexander Lozano, Miller actually had some particular specifications for the Thing in order to make him more comic-accurate. Here's what Lozano had to say.

"Tim Miller was very precise when it came to the description of "the thing". He wanted to make sure that I orient myself in the design as close as possible to the comic template to finally give us, the fans, what we always wanted to see on the big screen. It may sound surprising, but the supposedly simple task turned out to be a major challenge after several failed attempts than originally assumed - for the sake of my reputation I will spare you all those design errors."

Unfortunately, after Tim Miller and 20th Century Fox parted ways over creative differences for Deadpool 2, these plans to integrate the Fantastic Four into the Deadpool sequel were scrapped. Had the superteam shown up, they more than likely would have only appeared for a brief moment, similarly to the cameo made by the X-Men early on in the movie. While it would have been cool to have seen the Fantastic Four in action, redeeming themselves after their last movie, that may have been asking a bit too much.

Though you can't even see the Fantastic Four in the Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut, you can at least check out the awesome concept art by Alexander Lozano below. Hopefully one of these days, we will see a decent depiction of the Fantastic Four on screen, even if it's not in a Deadpool movie.