Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld channeled his inner Wade Wilson at the Los Angeles Comic-Con over the weekend, boasting that Deadpool 2 with demolish Han Solo at the box office next summer. Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to hit theaters on May 25th, 2018 after a less than smooth production process that saw original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, get the axe while Ron Howard came in to bat cleanup. Deadpool 2 also had a tumultuous production with the on-set death of Joi Harris, which halted production for a few days. Deadpool 2 comes out one week after Solo and Rob Liefeld is ready for a box office battle royale.

Liefeld had his own panel at the LA Comic-Con over the weekend, and during his discussion with fans the comic book writer publicly put his bet on Deadpool 2, saying that the sequel to the R-rated superhero movie would beat Lucasfilm's Solo: A Star Wars Story. He had this to say.

"Deadpool comes out June 1st, are you aware of this? Deadpool 2. I am betraying myself doing this. My nine-year-old self is going to come back in time and smack my ass...But Disney is delusional and is opening Han Solo a week before Deadpool! And they are going to get their asses kicked! Seven days later; mark my word, skeptical man! (points to audience member) Mark my words: Han Solo, get the hell out of the summer, 'cause seven days later, an army of mercenaries is coming to send the Falcon into hyperspace! Disney, I apologize in advanced, but I'm telling the truth: Deadpool is going to kick your ass."

Liefeld clearly believes in Deadpool 2, which is completely warranted. The first movie came out and made over $783 million dollars worldwide, despite its R-rating. Fans are hyped up and excited to see Ryan Reynolds back on the big screen alongside Josh Brolin's Cable, while the Solo movie is pretty divisive amongst hardcore Star Wars fans.

Rob Liefeld may have a point, especially if the box office continues its dismal numbers from this year, but Disney and Lucasfilm will have the full court press on promotion for Solo: A Star Wars Story leading up to the movie. In addition, though many hardcore Star Wars fans are not into the idea of the standalone movie in any way, shape, or form, they have the benefit of putting moviegoers of all ages into movie theaters all over the world. Though Deadpool cannot touch the cultural impact of Star Wars, it could very well make an impact on its second week at the box office.

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In other Deadpool news, Rob Liefeld took to social media recently to praise the acting talents of Josh Brolin as Cable. Liefeld says that he was stressed out during the entire casting process of Cable, but the producers hit it out of the park when they cast Brolin. He explains.

"Brolin! Dude is an actor's actor, talent to spare. Josh Brolin as Cable will held in as high regard as Ryan as Deadpool and Hugh as Wolverine. What a treat we have in store for us next summer. As I have said often, wear those brown pants to Deadpool 2 next summer. They'll come in handy!

Liefeld is definitely doing an amazing job of hyping up Deadpool 2, but will it have what it takes to go toe to toe with a Star Wars movie?

Though it may seem like a long way to go, both the release of Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story are just around the corner with both movies in various stages of post-production. Rob Liefeld's over-the-top enthusiasm is tough to compete with, but going up against a Star Wars movie, even a spin-off, is going to be an uphill battle. We'll just have to wait and see... In the meantime, head over to to read more about Rob Liefeld's LA Comic-Con panel.

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