The Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer is here. Ryan Reynolds famously crashed the Honest Trailer for the first Deadpool, and he even showed back up when the Logan edition of the popular web series was released. Now, he's back once again. Only this time, he's not just here to send up his own movie; he's here to take down the entire concept of Honest Trailers altogether. Not too surprisingly, Reynolds does a masterful job.

The video opens up like most Honest Trailers do. The announcer sets the movie up and makes a joke about how good Deadpool 2 wound up being, while also slipping in an Infinity War joke saying, "It's like having a surprise party. Only this time, it's not a surprise and it came three weeks after a funeral." Not long after that, things take a turn.

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Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool cuts in rather quickly to step in for our usual narrator, taking control of his own destiny. He pokes fun at the impending Disney deal, the harassment allegations surrounding star T.J. Miller and fans pretending to care about certain characters who weren't in the movie for all that long for rather surprising story reasons. Wade Wilson then suggests that they Honest Trailers gang should ignore Deadpool 2 and focus on Pixar's Coco instead.

The whole thing then brilliantly devolves into an actual honest trailer for Honest Trailers. This is the perfect sort of meta thing for Deadpool to do. And it also allows for Ryan Reynolds to, once again, poke some fun at himself and the terrible Green Lantern movie he made. He also finds a place, as one might expect, to sneak in a mention of the Super Duper Cut of Deadpool 2, which recently arrived on Blu-ray/DVD and digital platforms. Before it's all over, the Honest Trailer announcer presumes that we haven't seen the last of Reynolds, who will most likely be back when Detective Pikachu comes out.

Much has been made of the clever marketing campaigns that Fox cooked up for both Deadpool movies. This edition of Honest Trailers, which clearly has Ryan Reynolds on board to help promote the home video release of Deadpool 2, is yet another example of his dedication to the franchise and their unrelentingly smart marketing. It also just shows that Reynolds really is a good sport.

Deadpool 2 wound up being quite successful. It made slightly less at the box office than its predecessor, but only slightly. That probably had more to do with the fact that it was released in the middle of a very crowded movie season just after Infinity war more than it did any sort of fatigue with the character. Here's hoping the X-Force movie gets made before the Disney takeover of Fox so we get at least one more of these. Be sure to check out the Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer}, courtesy of the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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