Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been having a lot of fun lately. First, the two recorded a video message for CinemaCon earlier this week and now they've released another video that features Deadpool, or the "least amazing showman" as Jackman calls him, interrupting a special birthday message. The Merc with a Mouth has shared a lot about his infatuation with the Logan actor over the years, so it's fun to see them finally hitting it off, even if Hugh Jackman seems more than a little annoyed. However, it's not every day that you get Wolverine to promote Deadpool 2.

Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to record a birthday message in his bathrobe. Out of nowhere, you can hear someone singing "Tomorrow" from the Annie soundtrack, which makes Jackman laugh as the camera pans over to reveal a fully costumed Deadpool singing the song. Then they go into "Who Let the Dogs Out?," which really makes Jackman laugh. The clip is short and more than likely an outtake from their Fox video at CinemaCon, which was reportedly pretty crazy. Both videos are great promotional material for the upcoming Deadpool 2.

During the Fox portion at CinemaCon, a musical number was performed live on stage while a video of Deadpool came to life on the big screen. Deadpool introduced the studio's distribution chief Chris Aronson in the video, which has still not surfaced online. From viewer descriptions, the Merc with a Mouth welcomed the audience and then asked for Deadpool 2 to be shown in more movie theaters when it comes out in a few weeks and then alluded to people cheating on their spouses.

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After the short introduction and asking for Deadpool 2 to be screened more, the camera pans over to Fox's Chris Aronson in bed. According to a few sources, the video gets pretty dirty after that. It turns out that Aronson, Deadpool, Hugh Jackman, and a surprise guest had a pretty crazy evening. The description reads.

"Aronson wakes up, Deadpool tells him he's f*cked and Hugh Jackman walks out of the bathroom to double down on the message. Aronson rushes over to CinemaCon for the presentation and Deadpool and Hugh Jackman talk. Looks like Comcast really dodged a bullet, huh? Deadpool says, before asking Hugh if he's still working out. They walk off and Pluto emerges from behind the bed and stumbles out of the room."

It's going to be pretty hard to top poking fun of the Disney and Fox deal, but Hugh Jackman's new video is pretty good too. It's all good promotion for Deadpool 2 at this point, which is only a few weeks away from hitting theaters. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman seem to have a pretty solid relationship and it has to be pretty cool for Marvel fans to see Wolverine promoting Deadpool 2. You can check out the video of Deadpool crashing the birthday wishes below, courtesy of Hugh Jackman's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick