IMAX is delivering the Deadpool double feature that many fans have been hoping would come around. With these special engagements, you can be one of the first fans to witness Deadpool 2 when you experience the Deadpool double feature in IMAX. Getting to experience both of these movies back-to-back could make for a very fun night, especially for hardcore fans of Wade Wilson and his fourth-wall-breaking antics.

Fans that attend this special IMAX event will see the first Deadpool, ahead of Deadpool 2 on opening night. Attendees will also receive a Deadpool mini collectible! The specific collectible is a mini figure that features Deadpool laying down rather relaxed and giving a thumbs up. Exactly just how "mini" this collectible is remains to be seen. IMAX does note that it will only be available while supplies last. So if you plan on attending this event and want the collectible, get there early. This double feature event is taking place in select theatres, for one night only, on Thursday, May 17. The event kicks off at 4 p.m. local time.

Tickets for Deadpool 2 recently went on sale, along with the release of the movie's final trailer. That trailer gave us some more insight into the X-Force team we're going to see featured in the sequel, including the seemingly useless and average guy Peter, who has won over the hearts of the internet already. The character even has his own Twitter account, which is pretty hilarious and serves as another little bit of great marketing. Both of these movies have had very memorable and entertaining marketing campaigns. If we end up getting Deadpool 3, we'll be looking forward to another such campaign. The most recent trailer also name-dropped Thanos and took a jab at the DCEU. Deadpool 2 is pulling on punches.

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Deadpool was released in 2016 and wound up surpassing expectations in every way. Not only was the movie incredibly well-received by both fans and critics, but it dramatically over-performed at the box office, ultimately grossing $783 million worldwide. That makes it the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever. Fox is certainly hoping to see Deadpool 2, which arrives in theaters on May 18, at least match that level of success. While the movie is tracking for an opening of $100 million or more, releasing it in the summer will make it so there is a lot more competition. The first movie came out in February and, much like Black Panther this year, Deadpool was able to capitalize on a lack of direct competition.

A major factor will be initial buzz. No critical reactions have been revealed yet, so it's tough to know how Deadpool 2 compares to its predecessor, but some test screenings proved to be very promising, given the reaction from fans. One very good way to compare would be to do this Deadpool double feature. Tickets for the event are on sale now, so if you haven't picked up your Deadpool 2 tickets yet, you may want to see if a theater near you is doing this double feature. For a full list of participating theaters, you can head on over to

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