Who will play Cable in Deadpool 2? That has been an ongoing guessing game ever since the first movie debuted over a year ago. In the months since, we've heard plenty of big names tossed about. Yesterday, it was reported that Michael Shannon was 20th Century Fox's top choice. Though, Brad Pitt was also in the mix. Some speculated that Michael Shannon was being sold in the media as the front runner to force Pitt's hand in signing. Now, today we get supposedly leaked concept art from the set which shows Pitt as Cable.

This art is rumored to have leaked from the Deadpool 2 production offices on the 20th Century Fox lot. And they are shared by fan art maestro Boss Logic, who doesn't exactly know where these arrived from. As the man has started to make a living off his own art, these weren't made by him, and don't feature his signature look. About the art, he says this.

"If this is official concept art of @deadpoolmovie 2, Pitt looks amazing AF #cable @robertliefeld. Also with the Pitt concept art came the domino, I love how they went with the Reverse domino in the concept @deadpoolmovie."

Zazie Beetz, who many may remember from her amazing turn on the FX comedy drama Atlanta, has already been confirmed as Domino, Cable's girlfriend. To even the playing field, Boss Logic did whip up an image of Michael Shannon on the fast, which shows the cult favorite and very in-demand actor as Cable. BL explains.

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"Whipped up a Michael Shannon version of #cable for @ComicBook I'm happy with the short-list bring on the announcement :D @robertliefeld"

An announcement about who is playing Cable in Deadpool 2 should arrive very soon. But some believe the hold up may actually reside within Brad Pitt. It's been rumored that he is on the fence, and not sure whether or not he wants to sign on, as the contract will require not only his participation in Deadpool 2, but also Deadpool 3 and the X-Force movie. The scenario is described as being similar to what happened with Joaquin Phoenix when he was tempted to sign on for Doctor Strange, but couldn't quite commit to also appearing in Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War and at least two standalone sequels. It's believed that Michael Shannon, who likes to take on quite a few indie films in any given year, is also struggling with this concept.

Along with Cable and Domino, other returning characters in Deadpool 2 include Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, T.J. Miller as Weasel, and Brianna Hildebrand as Teenage Negasonic Warhead. Wade is rumored to be getting a boyfriend and Colossus is expected to return as well, though there won't be any major X-Men cameos from previous movies. Deadpool 2 is expected to start shooting this summer and will be in theaters during the first half of 2018, though it doesn't have a confirmed release date yet.

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