20th Century Fox has tapped Jack Kesy (The Strain, Baywatch) to be the next major villain for Deadpool 2. The news comes after the announcement that Josh Brolin will play the part of Cable, but other than that, it's been relatively quiet around the world of Deadpool. The movie is in the beginning stages of pre-production and is set to start shooting this summer. Deadpool 2 was supposed to start earlier, but has been pushed back so that the writers can spend a little bit more time on the script.

Deadline reports that The Strain star Jack Kesy will be cast as the major villain in Deadpool 2, but it is not entirely clear which villain he will portray. But many sources are pointing to Deadpool villain Tom Cassidy, aka Black Tom. Black Tom is usually depicted as a villain up against the X-Men and archenemy of his cousin Banshee, but Black Tom has squared off against Deadpool numerous times as well.

Black Tom is a mutant who first showed up in Marvel Comics X-Men #101 in 1976 and he can manipulate, bond with, and force energy through plants. He also uses a wooden object, often a walking stick that he can shoot blasts from. In addition, he is also a longtime partner with the impossibly strong villain Juggernaut. In the Deadpool comics, Black Tom was hired by Black Box, who can psychically retrieve, interpret, and store data from any form of electronic media, to hunt Deadpool. The idea of Kesy playing Black Tom is all currently speculation right now and he could very well be playing Black Box, since Deadline originally reported that their sources indicate that he will be playing a character named "Black Bob." There is no such character as "Black Bob," but you never know, maybe a new composite character will be announced, but I find that doubtful.

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Kesy will be seen next opposite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zac Efron in Baywatch as well as Bruce Willis in Eli Roth's Death Wish remake. Kesy is probably best known for his role on Guillermo del Toro's acclaimed FX television series The Strain as Gabriel Bolivar/The Master. His character is a philandering rock star with an appetite for recreational drugs. Kesy is still relatively a newcomer to big Hollywood movies and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with for the major villain role.

John Wick director David Leitch is manning the helm for Deadpool 2 and the returning screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are continuing to finish the script. In addition to the return of Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Uggams will return as Blind Al and J.T. Miller will be back as Weasel, but that's about as much information as we have at the moment. AS stated before, the rest is speculation besides Brolin as Cable and Kesy as well, the villain. I'd put my money on Kesy taking on the role of Black Box though. It just seems to make more sense in the world of Deadpool 2 is expected to premiere on June 1st, 2018.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick