Can Deadpool regenerate his junk? That's probably one of the most asked questions when it comes to Wade Wilson's superpowers. And its long been a secret. But the Mutant's creator, Rob Liefeld is finally putting this one to bed. And the quick answer is: Yes. Yes he can grow a new pair if and when needed.

How does that work in the bedroom, exactly? And has Wade ever found his pansexual self in a situation where he needed a safe word that kept his genitals from getting ripped off in gruesome fashion? Perhaps Deadpool 2 will finally show us what it means to be able to completely replenish flesh and bone. But for now, we'll just have to go on Rob's word about this X-Men offshoot and his mutant powers.

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Anyone who saw the Deadpool movie knows Wade can grow his hands and head back if they become severed from his body. But the first movie in this franchise doesn't touch the idea that The Merc with a Mouth has the ability to grow back his penis if need be. What that first movie does show us is that Wilson likes sex. A lot. And in this first outing, he's most often seen having all sorts of bizarre interactions with his lady friend Vanessa. And when his hand eventually grows back, he also likes to use it to consummate his love affair with a plush unicorn.

With Rob Liefeld's recent confession, and the Deadpool 2 writing team still working out the kinks before shooting starts this summer, we're sure we'll see a dick and balls joke or two. Rob already touched on this subject with his Bloodstrike comic book, where a 'Deadpool-like' character became separated from his member. Asked what would happen if Deadpool himself lost his favorite body part, Liefeld made this confession according to Nerdist.

""We would never, ever live in a world where Deadpool can't regenerate his own cock and balls."

It's unclear how this new found knowledge will change the course of the Deadpool sequel, if at all. Or when, or how, this will be addressed in an upcoming Deadpool comic. Rob was also asked about the idea of a soul, since many people believe it resides in the head. If true, how does that work for Deadpool? When he grows a new head, will it be a different person? Liefeld only says this.

"He would generate a new head, and I'm telling you, he would generate a new head."

The disturbing thing about this notion is that when Wade grew back his hand, it was baby small for quite some time. We're assuming this would be true of his head and his penis. The cool thing about it is that if Ryan Reynolds ever wants to step down from playing Deadpool, having his head cut off, with a new actor's head growing back in its place, is the way to go. But we're guessing that's a long ways off into the future.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange