According to a new report, 20th Century Fox will release a new trailer for Deadpool 2 that is expected to show off some new heroes. The previous trailers released for the sequel were heavy on the jokes and breaking the 4th wall, so it will be interesting to see what kind of look we are given into the highly anticipated movie with the new trailer. The announcement of the new Deadpool 2 trailer comes at a time when there have been conflicting reports about test screenings and plot leaks.

If the trailer schedule is anything like it has been for the last two, the new Deadpool 2 clip should debut early tomorrow morning, Thursday March 22nd, and spread like wildfire. The report about the new Deadpool 2 trailer comes from Trailer Track who found the official announcement for the new clip from the Chinese version of Twitter's official X-Men account. According to the announcement, a lot of new heroes have "struck." Here's a translation from the post.

"Tomorrow will be released Deadmen 2 Deadpool 2 latest notice. In the new notice, a large number of new heroes have struck! ! ! This new character comes on stage to open a new story for The tip of the FANS Come and guess the identity of these few people. It's time to prove that you're a senior deathguard powder."

That's a lot to take in and decipher from the Chinese translation, but it seems that we'll be getting more than just a new look at Josh Brolin's Cable and Zazie Beetz's Domino in the next trailer for Deadpool 2. However, the reshoots that have been taking place in Vancouver, Canada have been reportedly staged to add more of their characters into the sequel. While some reports claim that the reshoots were to fix the movie, others claim that notes from moviegoers asked for more of those two characters in surveys after watching the test screenings.

Another rumor from the test screenings of Deadpool 2 seem to confirm that the main villain will be Jack Kesy playing the role of Juggernaut. This news first popped up over the summer when the actor was shown wearing some oversized motion capture headgear. The new reports shine a negative light on the villain and say that the sequel pretty much wastes an opportunity to redeem the character from previous portrayals. However, new reports have surfaced giving Deadpool 2 perfect reviews from the latest test screening.

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Maybe we'll get a tease of Juggernaut tomorrow morning? We only have less than a day to find out. The new Deadpool 2 trailer is expected to launch sometime tomorrow morning, more than likely at 9 AM Pacific and 6 AM Eastern from past experience. So, set up your alarm clocks and get ready to see some new footage from the Merc with a Mouth's second movie. You can check out the original announcement about the impending Deadpool 2 trailer at Trailer Track.

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