Deadpool 2 was released a few months back and is currently the 5th highest grossing movie worldwide of 2018. To celebrate the box office success, the sequel is traveling to San Diego to Comic-Con this week to for a special panel, which could feature members of the cast, according to a press release, and then a special screening of the uncut version of the film. And now, Deadpool 2 makeup artist Bill Corso is promoting the event with a sneak peek at Marvel villain Omega Red, who was left out of the final cut.

Bill Corso posted the picture of Omega Red on social media, revealing that NFL rookie Dakoda Shepley of the New York Jets played the villain in Deadpool 2. Corso also posted some more "blink-and-you-miss-them" mutant cameos that were featured in the sequel as well. The look of Omega Red is instantly recognizable and his inclusion is a big deal for fans of Marvel Comics. Corso had this to say about the images and the special Deadpool 2Comic Con panel.

"To celebrate the Comic-Con showing of our special, Mega Fan only, Deadpool 2: the Unrated Cut, I've decided to show the, blink and you'll miss them, Mutant Villains of the Ice Box Prison. Some characters from the Marvel Universe hidden here are Omega Red, and various others from sifting through the FOX approved X-Men Universe."

It was recently revealed that the Blu-ray edition of Deadpool 2 will have a deleted scene called "Chess with Omega Red," which could show the Merc with a Mouth engaging in an interesting game of chess with the infamous Marvel villain. It's safe to assume that the aforementioned scene will probably end up in the "Super Duper" cut of Deadpool 2, which will premiere this week at San Diego Comic-Con. We'll have to wait until Saturday night to find out.

As for the specifics about the Deadpool 2 panel at Comic-Con, the sequel will be the Marvel presence this year since Marvel Studios is sitting this year out. The panel will occur at Hall H on Saturday evening with the Super Duper cut premiering at 10:00 PM Pacific Time. The night will more than likely be one of the highlights of the weekend that promises a night with Deadpool and friends. This has led to speculation that Ryan Reynolds and other members of the cast will be on hand to present the "Super Duper" cut. However, that has not been confirmed at this time.

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The "Super Duper" cut of Deadpool 2 will be shown at the Horton Grand Theater following the panel at Hall H. It's expected that the new uncut version of the sequel will be an unrated version that includes every inappropriate moment that was not able to fit into the R-rated theatrical cut. Deadpool 2 is currently still in theaters and has earned over $730 million as of this writing, and the Comic-Con event could end up bringing more people to see the sequel in the theater before it's released on Blu-ray. You can check out the first image of Omega Red below, thanks to Bill Corso's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick