Deadpool 2, if Ryan Reynolds had it his way from the very start, would have been absolutely ridiculous. And that's certainly taking into account the notion that Deadpool 2 is not an inherently serious movie. By nearly every measure, it turned out to be a very successful sequel as is, though, it took a lot of work in the development process to get the movie to that point. This is evidenced by Reynolds' original pitch for the sequel, which would have mostly centered around the chair from The Voice.

The Super Duper Cut was recently released, which contains 15 minutes of extra footage. Ryan Reynolds was promoting the home video release on Jimmy Fallon's show when the host prompted him to discuss an early idea he had for the sequel, once the first movie had found great commercial success. Here's what Reynolds had to say.

"My first pitch to the studio was not met very well. I pitched them that for the sequel, the whole story of the movie would be Deadpool trying to steal the big, red chair from The Voice. And they were like 'That's just the dumbest thing ever.' But the second one, it was great because it was always fun to pitch to the studio."

Ryan Reynolds is a guy who quite enjoys joking around, which is part of why he is such a great fit for the role of Wade Wilson. Sometimes, that makes it so it's hard to know whether or not he's joking. In this case though, it's actually not that difficult to imagine that, even if it was for a brief moment, this was a real idea for Deadpool 2.

Much has been made of the long journey that Ryan Reynolds went on to get the first Deadpool made. All of his energy, blood, sweat and tears were poured into that project for years. Then it came out and was massively successful. Suddenly, Fox wanted a sequel and they wanted to turn it around quickly. Putting yourself in his shoes, it's easy to see where at least one ridiculous idea, especially given the type of character we're talking about here, could have actually been considered somewhat seriously, albeit briefly.

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Luckily, the Fox executives thought better of it. Deadpool 2 ultimately went on to find favorable reviews from both critics and fans alike, in addition to grossing $733 million worldwide. That's a little shy of what the first movie made, but the sequel was released in the dead of summer and had a lot more competition to contend with. So, what's next for Wade Wilson? The hope is to get an X-Force movie going, but with the Disney merger looming, who knows what the fate of that project will ultimately be. You can check out the full interview clip fro The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel for yourself below.

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