One of the more coveted roles in Hollywood right now is that of time traveling mutant Cable, who will make his big screen debut in Deadpool 2. Plenty of aging action stars, such as Ron Perlman and Stephen Lang, have thrown their hat into the ring, hoping to get the filmmakers' attention. But last month Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (who's not in the movie as far as anyone knows) teased that Pierce Brosnan had secured the job.

Both actors appeared in a social media blast that featured Reynolds, Jackman and Brosnan sitting on a couch doing the 'Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil' pose that monkeys sometimes like to do. Now, we have a little more proof to go on. Deadpool 2 director David Leitch has been out promoting his new action sequel John Wick 2. And while he wouldn't confirm Pierce Brosnan's participation, he did make it sound like that's the road being traveled.

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There's no doubt why fans and actors alike are interested in Deadpool 2. The first movie arrived as a unique superhero outing that surprised the world and went onto become one of the highest grossing movies of 2016. It also has the dubious distinction of being the highest grossing R-rated movie in some markets. So why wouldn't everyone be clamoring for a spot in Deadpool 2?

Journalist Simon Thompson recently appeared on an episode of Meet the Movie Press, where the subject of Deadpool 2 and the character of Cable came up. He talked to Leitch about the movie, and said this was the director's response in terms of hiring Brosnan as Cable for the upcoming superhero adventure.

"We have not, yet..."

It's the yet part of this that is most intriguing, as it definitely signifies Brosnan is a serious contender for the role of Cable. Tracking Board's Jeff Sneider and Variety's Justin Kroll further commented on the possible casting. And they suggested that perhaps Brosnan is not playing Cable, but the villain instead. Neither reporter has put this in writing in case it doesn't pan out. But they went onto note that Ryan Reynolds' new Deadpool franchise contract gives him the power to announced actors when he wants to.

The initial report goes onto state that an official casting announcement for Deadpool 2 may not arrive for quite some time. Sneider, who is usually quite a reliable source when it comes to Hollywood insider information, clarified that Justin Kroll wasn't allowed to say anything direct about the casting. He then went onto assure that, "Yeah, I've heard it's going to him."

Peirce Brosnan was met with fan approval when he was first trotted out by Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. There had been previous rumors that Ryan Reynolds was going to appear as Wade Wilson in Logan, Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie. That was proven false, but Reynolds later confirmed that he is working hard to get a crossover Deadpool and Wolverine movie off the ground, making it Hugh Jackman's 'real' last movie as the indestructible mutant Logan. No official announcements about a crossover or anything related to Deadpool 2 have been issued at this time.

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