We all knew that 2016 was going to be a big year for superhero movies. Batman and Superman were set to share the silver screen in live-action form for the first time in cinema history, the Marvel Universe was going to be at war with one another and of course, Deadpool finally became a reality. Because the movie was a tremendous success, a sequel was greenlit very quickly. Ryan Reynolds is as eager as anyone to get the sequel going, so he decided to share a very cool fan made poster for Deadpool 2 on his official Instagram today.

Reynolds took to his Instagram today and decided to share this fan poster for Deadpool 2 that was made by @mutant101. The image features Deadpool's hand, drawing all over a bathroom sign, turning the gender logo into Wolverine, the handicapped guy into Professor Xavier, and writing an X before Men. The top of the poster also features the title, which is very suitingly, Deadpool Number Two. Hence, the bathroom joke.

It was recently revealed that the Deadpool sequel would likely start production at the beginning of 2017, and this poster even seems to correctly reference the expected timeline for the release. The bottom of the poster features the fairly standard "Coming Soon," but below that in very small letters, it says "'Soon' as in 2018." We can guess that the movie is indeed on schedule to head into production early next year and given the success that the first movie had, it would make sense that it would be released in early 2018, as opposed to later.

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As of right now, Fox currently has a release date pegged for an untitled Marvel project on March 2, 2018. It would make a lot of sense if the title of that untitled project was eventually changed to whatever the title for Deadpool 2 ends up being. Granted, Deadpool Number Two isn't at all a bad title and this poster looks very much like something that would have come out of the original marketing campaign for the first Deadpool. The studio also has another untitled Marvel project released date locked down for June 29, 2018, but it is much more likely that would be something like New Mutants or the next main entry in the franchise. Either way, early 2018 seems like the most logical release timeline for the as of yet untitled Deadpool sequel.

It makes sense that Fox would want to fast track Deadpool 2, given that the first one is now the highest grossing movie in the entire X-Men franchise. The movie wrapped up its theatrical run with $783 million worldwide, all while being an rated R movie and carrying a much lower price tag than any of the other movies in the X-Men franchise to date. The entire, core creative team from Deadpool is slated to return for the sequel, including director Tim Miller, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and of course, Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson. Be sure to check out the fan poster for Deadpool Number Two below, which hints that this follow-up could be an even bigger /deadpool-movie-poster-romantic-comedy/romantic comedy than the first (you know, cause Wade is super into blumpkins).

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